• And Every Day Was Overcast

    Paul Kwiatkowski

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    And Every Day Was Overcast [is] unlike any book I’ve ever read. [It’s] a mix of this clean, spare, unaffected prose about growing up near the swamps of South Florida—plus these incredible photos [Paul has] taken of the area.… A completely original and clearheaded voice.”—Ira Glass, host of This American Life

    Photo-Eye Best Books of 2013 (Selected by Doug Rickard)

    "We finish And Every Day Was Overcast in a delirious state of disassociation, not unlike the kids whose lives it seeks to evoke. This, of course, is why we turn to books—or one reason, anyway—to see the world as we have not before. The shabby suburbs of And Every Day Was Overcast may not be unknown to us, but Kwiatkowski’s ruthless excavation give us a new language by which we hear stories that might otherwise go unheard."—David L. Ulin, The Los Angeles Times

    Out of South Florida’s lush and decaying suburban landscape blooms the delinquent magic and chaotic adolescence of And Every Day Was Overcast.

    Paul Kwiatkowski’s arresting photographs amplify a novel of profound vision and vulnerability. Drugs, teenage cruelty, wonder, and the screen-flickering worlds of Predator and Married…With Children shape and warp the narrator’s developing sense of self as he navigates adventures and misadventures, from an ill-fated LSD trip on an island of castaway rabbits to the devastating specter of HIV and AIDS.

    This alchemy of photography and fiction gracefully illuminates the travesties and triumphs of the narrator’s quest to forge emotional connections and fulfill his brutal longings for love.

    This limited-edition soundtrack contains a bizarre and beautiful audioscape created by Paul Kwiatkowski and Black Balloon Publishing, with authentic Florida field recordings, interviews, animal sounds, ambient noise, and electronic music tones. Stamped on clear vinyl with a custom jacket and hand-signed note from the author, this 15-track record is the weirdest, most profoundly fantastic thing you’ll buy all year.

    This limited special edition is bound in a sandy-colored cloth hardcover and features the And Every Day Was Overcast logo on the front cover and foil stamping on the spine. Each copy is signed and numbered by author Paul Kwiatkowski. Extras include an exclusive vinyl album of the soundtrack in a handsome sleeve and a signed photographic print.

    Paul Kwiatkowski is a New York-based writer and photographer. This is his first novel. His work has appeared in numerous outlets, including JuxtapozBeautiful DecayDazed and ConfusedFaultDust, and American Suburb X.

    And Every Day Was Overcast is a novel about teenhood in South Florida, where Kwiatkowski grew up. His photos, which make up the bulk of the book, drive singular, clear prose”—Minnesota Today

    “Paul Kwiatkowski [is] a narrative-driven photographer whose first book, And Every Day Was Overcast, conveys the eerie upbringing south Florida imparts on its residents . . . his prose weaves a fictionalized tale of boyhood in a strange land.”—Mpls/St. Paul Magazine

    "The form of Kwiatkowski’s terrific coming-of-age novel, set in the 1990s, is offbeat and provocative. Short chapters, long on imagery and adolescent attitude, nestle between pages of color photographs. What’s exciting is how well these components complement one another. The pictures don’t literally illustrate the story, but only suggest connections.. . Vibrant and original."—Publishers Weekly

    "This illustrated novel about growing up poor near the swamps of South Florida has a lurid vibrancy. Its prose is lit from below, like a vaguely scummy in-ground swimming pool, and the author’s photographs—of ranch houses, randy adolescents, alligators, drug paraphernalia, fishing tackle, convenience stores—are what you might get if you combined William Eggleston’s talents with Terry Richardson’s. 'My hometown, Loxahatchee, was built over Seminole Indian burial grounds,' Mr. Kwiatkowski writes. 'In exchange for land we inherited bad conscience. It was in my blood.' His book is full of young people, seen as if from a passing Camaro, having a good time and trying to get out alive."—New York Times, Holiday Gift Guide, Dwight Garner

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